Our current inside project is giving this stairway an update.  We will update the flooring & the red "shelf" when we redo the kitchen, so for now we focused on our favorite easy update: PAINT!  Over the weekend B took out the what felt like 100 nails and hooks, filled them in, and sanded.  

Last night he started the painting with a layer of white over the walls.  Tonight we will finish the walls, doors, and molding.  With half of the walls painted, there is already such a huge difference!! It's crazy how you don't even realize how dirty walls are (and how the darker colors underneath are showing through) until you re-paint fresh!

Now, if you've followed the previous posts on painting the rest of our house (here and here), you know we are all about COLOR and this stairway will be no different!  We are going to use the bedroom blue and do STRIPES!! Yes, you read correctly - stripes.  I got this amazingly awesome idea from Meredith Miller (see her instagram post here).  You do follow her, right? If not and you're into interior design, you are missing out!!

Can't wait to see how it all turns out - fingers crossed!


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