Sunday Snippets

Another weekend come and gone.  It's Sunday night and Brennan, Chip and I are finally sitting down after a very productive weekend.  Brennan's parents came to visit and helped us get a lot of work done outside.  We pulled out bushes, cut down trees, planted some flowers, and ended with a little birthday cake for Bob. 

With all the work we have done outside, I am getting so excited to be able to reveal all our hard work! I'm still very mad at myself for not taking pictures of the house and yard when we first moved in. I'm going to have to google and see what photos I can find so that I can do a sufficient "reveal" post. 

For now, how beautiful are these daffodils?! We were super excited when we found these beauties growing in one of the backyard gardens.  They were in the garden we are turning into vegetables, so I had my first practice of transplanting bulbs.  Proud that I can say it was a pretty successful transplant, minus some of the stalks that got a little bent.   

There are some other plants that are starting to come up and getting ready to bloom, so I'm waiting impatiently to see what they are! Brennan's mom believes we have a whole garden of hostas and potentially a whole side of our house is lined with lilies.  Lilies! Pretty much going to stalk those little plants daily to see if we are that lucky.    


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