Make Things Happen

I found this notebook at HomeGoods and I just had to have it. I mean the marble alone made me swoon, but the words just hit home.  Sometimes you just have to make things happen

Let's make that our slogan for 2017 - what do you say? Are you ready to make things happen? I know I am. I have always been a very determined individual (you pretty much have to be to make it through law school) and lately I feel the extra need to push myself. Push myself towards my goals - in my personal life and in my career.

2017 I have set some high goals for myself and I won't waste any time. 
Here are the top 5 things I want to achieve this year:

Okay, this is my top priority!! This year we will be together 11 years & engaged 4!  As of today we don't have any plans - so calm down everyone who thinks I have a wedding planned & didn't tell you! :-) I'm just officially ready to get this ball rolling. I graduated law school, passed the bar, and we bought a home.  B & I both want a small intimate backyard party, so this is definitely something we can plan and execute within 365 days. 

TWO | Read 50 Books
Each year I make myself a reading goal on Goodreads. During law school I was reading 100+ books, on top of my school work! Since I started working I have found myself "too tired" or "too stressed" to read & that's just not acceptable.  Reading is an outlet for my mind and I can't let myself forget that.  No matter what's happening at work or in life, reading is my passion and it makes me who I am.

L, my best friend from college, had a beautiful baby boy in 2016. Due to both of our crazy schedules, somehow it became the next year and I still haven't met her little man.  We talk almost every day and she is constantly sending pictures my way, but nothing is the same as seeing someone in person.  I cannot wait to meet him & give him the biggest hug imaginable. I love you guys

FOUR | Update our electric.
This is goal for both B and I. Currently our home has a fuse box and mostly two-pronged outlets. We want to upgrade to an electrical panel and update all the outlets.  The goal here isn't to simply have this project done, but to be able to actually pay for it.  Prior to purchasing our home, B and I spent the prior year focusing on paying off debt and giving ourselves a fairly clean slate.  I am very proud of the both of us and we try to continue to tackle one project at a time to stay as close to that clean slate as we can. As we saw with our furnace, you just never know when an emergency will pop up and to not already be in debt would be a blessing. 

FIVE | Be Happy
Even though last year brought me so many amazing things (hello my first home!), I also saw myself very stressed and unhappy a lot.  Along with all my other goals, listed here and in my head, I vow to be happy with myself.  I am so proud of who I am as a person and what I have accomplished in my life. No matter what happens on a daily basis or how stressful life can get, I need to remember that and always believe in myself.  I can't let other people bring me down or make me think I'm only one inch tall. I will continue to surround myself with the people that matter and listen to them when they have something to say.  I will not let my stress get the best of me and take it out on the people I love.  As someone wise once said to me, "happiness is a state of mind - you either allow yourself to be happy or you don't." This year, and every year, I will allow myself to be happy.

What do you want to make happen this year?!


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