Our Roots

With our sights set on living in Loudonville, B and I started the long process of searching for a home. We went straight to the bank to find out if it was even a possibility, and practically cried with joy when we realized it was (within reason).  Luckily there are now websites like Zillow and we were able to search for homes online without having to drive everywhere and make appointments.  For awhile we were starting to get a little frustrated because we kept finding gorgeous homes but they were all just slightly out of our budget...and by slightly I mean a couple hundred thousand.

However, as we were lucky enough to be living rent free we kept on searching and telling ourselves we weren't in a rush and weren't going to settle. Well, I guess things do happen for a reason because over the summer we found out one of my dad's neighbors was putting their home up for sale!  We ended up reaching out to the owners before they did and everything just fell into place.  The man had actually grown up in the home and once his mother passed away he was ready to move on.  When he and his wife found out I had grown up on the street and wanted to raise my (future) family there, they felt it was the perfect fit.

B & I put in an offer and the rest is history!  Ok it definitely didn't happen that easy and quick, but in all honesty the process wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be.  The most stressful part for us was being three houses down during all of the waiting and not being able to just get in there!

We officially closed on our first (& hopefully forever) home mid-October and I still can't believe it. Over the past ten years of our relationship we have had a lot of ups and downs and to finally say we are putting down our roots on my childhood street makes everything worth it.  I love you Brennan & thank you for helping make my dreams come true!

I wouldn't be able to post this without thanking all of our family and friends who have been by our side through this whole process.  You all helped us in so many ways and we wouldn't be here without every single one of you!!



Welcome (Back) Home

For the first eighteen years of my life I lived between Latham and Loudonville, going back and forth between my mother's and father's.  I loved the area, but like most teenagers I couldn't wait to get out. I wanted to experience college and thought I would end up living in New York City working at an intense law firm.  

Four years later I couldn't have been happier when I graduated college and started the next chapter of my life in Rochester with my then-boyfriend (of two years) Brennan.  We spent the next four years living and working in Rochester and formed a tight-knit group of family and friends.  

In 2012 I accomplished my goal of getting in to law school and that fall I packed up my little Jetta, said goodbye (until break) to my boys (B and our little pup Chip), and moved back to my father's house.  For three years I worked my butt off in law school knowing that as soon as I graduated I would be reunited for good with B (by that time, my fiance) and Chip.  Little did I know, aside from the amazing accomplishment of graduating law school, those three years gave me something I will cherish forever: time with my younger siblings.  As they (Madison and Tim) are so much younger than my older sister (Christie) and I, I didn't get to spend a whole lot of time with them when they were young.  Now living under the same roof we got to know each other real well (somedays too well, ahem living in Madison's room for a few months) and looking back I can't even fathom how I made it all those years without them by my side.  What makes it all that much more amazing is the relationships Brennan has formed with them as well.

In my last year of law school I started to apply for jobs in Rochester, not even thinking of living anywhere else.  Well, when the right career came my way, wouldn't you know it was right here in the Albany area.  Without even thinking twice, B gave up his life and family in Rochester and moved himself and little Chip here to Loudonville.  

Fast forward to today and B and I have lived with my parents together for one year already.  We have spent the time getting B accustomed to his new city and thinking about where we want to put down roots and start our family.  While there are so many nice suburbs and towns around this area, it soon became clear that there was only one little hamlet where we saw ourselves, and our future little nuggets, settling down.  

Welcome (back) home, to Loudonville.